What does it mean by 『Beauty traditions passed down through three generations of women: my mother, myself and my daughter.』?

TRES MARIA conveys the importance of speaking out a hidden topic “feminine care” among women, wishing that the “feminine care” will be passed down as a beauty tradition through my mother, myself and my daughter.

Why do we need a feminine care?

The delicate vaginal area is protected with stronger acid, and it is very important to be taken cared of with pH-balanced skincare products.


Why is the mirror in the ritual?

Most of the women have never seen her vaginal area. Yet it ages and gets dry as the facial skin does. It is important to look at the area, making this a routine can help you healthier. 

Why does this mirror reflect so clear?

The Japanese silver mirror-plating method achieves reflectivity of 95%. It is environmentally-friendly and made without use of toxic substance.


How different TRES MARIA soap is from a common body soap?

TRES MARIA soap is pH-balanced, hypoallergenic and friendlier to the area. It washes away impurities that cause odors, eases itching and leaves skin area feeling refreshed.

Why is the soap non-foaming?

To wash the area thoroughly and gently, it is more suitable to cleans with non-foaming soap. Just like cleansing your face, a gentle massage helps you cleans every corner of the area.

Can I use the soap during my pregnancy?

Yes, it can be used during pregnancy or just after the delivery when a doctor allows you to take a shower. Compared to a common body soap, your skin will feel gentler with TRES MARIA soap as it is pH-balanced and hypoallergenic.


Why should I moisturize the area?

The cause of itching and blackening is mostly dryness. Female Hormone deficiency ends in skin dryness too. Therefore, it is important to moisturize your skin daily.

How can I find dryness in the area?

The skin looking whiter or rough just like your facial skin is a sign of dryness. Looking at the vaginal area daily using with the mirror, you will find it easily.


What is that pink color of the soap/milk coming from?

It is a natural color from Vitamin B12. (No chemical colorant is added.)

What is the scent?

It is a refreshing blossom-herb scent, carefully blended with Peony, Rose, Chamomile and Mugwort. The same scent for the soap and the milk.

Can I use with my baby?

Yes, it can be used together for the mother and the baby on the whole body, including face.

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